Many first home builders undergo unpleasant experiences during the building process. These can range from conflict situations with the building contractor in regard of the implementation of the building contract to the quality of workmanship in the construction of the home. The worst scenario is where projects are ceased due to financial or other reasons. By following the suggestions indicated below, the building process can be a pleasant experience.

Appointing a Building Contractor:
Request the contractor to provide you with a minimum of five references. Make contact with at least three of the references provided. Determine if the client was satisfied with the building work and finishing. Could the client occupy the home on the date as determined in the building contract? Determine how many progress payments were submitted and paid out during the building process. Remember that you pay interest from the moment that a progress payment has been paid out. The building contract should provide for percentages of the contract sum to be paid out in relation with progress in the construction work. Beware of a contractor that needs deposits and do not have their own cash flow. Where personal choice (P C) amounts are provided for in the building contract, ensure that it is sufficient to complete the dwelling in accordance with your expectations. In this case guard against having to pay out large amounts for unforeseen expenditures. Ensure that the contractor of your choice is an established builder with a supportive infrastructure.

Confirm the creditability of the building contractor:
It is the duty of the client to proof that sufficient money is available to complete the construction of the home. On the other hand, obtain proof that the builder of your choice is financially stable. It is very costly if the builder should go bankrupt during the building process and another contractor need to be appointed to complete the construction work.

Analyse and understand the building contract:
Investigate hidden costs and prevent surprises. Ensure yourself of which items are included in the building contract and which are excluded; for example rock in foundations and in the sewerage line that need to be removed, contours and the slope of  the stand may result in additional brickwork, filling and compaction to reach floor level, etc.

Make personal choice items:
Before finalizing the building contract, sound financial planning is of the utmost importance. Visit suppliers if possible with your contractor and make item choices like sanitary ware, baths, basins, taps, built in cupboards, kitchen ware, etc. In case of floor covering remember that there is an item as well as labour cost difference on rock, slate, porcelain tiles and normal ceramic tiles. In the case of wooden floors take care of quality if you consider going for special offers.

Ensure that a valid guarantee is given before making your choice.  Kitchen cupboards and bedroom cupboards have a big price difference between post form and solid wood. The amount and type of paving will have a definite influence on the price of your home.

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